Friday, April 8, 2016

Online Audio Recording with Twisted Wave

Finding a good online audio recording tool can be a challenge.  Most have numerous limitations or only allow you to record and then you have to download your recording and put in into a different tool or software for editing.  Twisted Wave is a nice, easy audio recording tool that allows you or your students to create and edit audio recordings from scratch, or import existing audio recordings for editing.  Completed recordings can be exported into Google Drive, which makes for easy saving and sharing, or uploading to Google Classroom.

The editing tools include features like fade-in, fade-out, looping, normalization, changing pitch, as well as cutting and pasting to rearrange or delete parts of the recording.  While the free version does have some limitations such as only allowing up to 5 minutes of recording and up to 1 hour total storage, because you can save your files to your Google Drive when you are done with them, it is easier to delete and reuse that storage.

If you are looking for an easy tool that allows both audio recording and editing all in one, Twisted Wave is one to check out.  See the video below from Free Tech for Teachers for a short demo on how to use Twisted Wave.

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