Friday, November 6, 2015

Orange Slice - Not the Kind You Eat

This week my tech coach colleague up at North called me with a new tool he was just starting to look at called Orange Slice.  While the name won't tell you what the tool does, basically it is an add-on for Google that lets you use rubrics right within a document.  For teachers who use rubrics for grading this will be a great tool.  Additionally, because of the Google connection, it works great for integrating within Classroom and for peer editing.

This is by far the easiest tool I have seen so far for grading in Google Docs with rubrics.  Once the teacher installs the add-on (simply search for orangeslice in the Chrome store or use the link below), the next step is to either insert an existing rubric you already have, or build one within the tool.  There are some great easy to build options and it recognizes a variety of rubrics.  You can choose to assign scores to each category and give points or use a holistic rubric and just give feedback.  I was very excited to find that this tool works great with our existing 21st century skills rubrics.

One of the great things about this tool is how easy it can be if you incorporate it with using Google Classroom.  For instance, if you already give assignments in classroom and use the awesome feature that allows you to distribute one assignment document per student, you can simply include the rubric on the initial assignment, and then as you go into each assignment to grade it, you can use the rubric and grade right on the assignment.  It makes using rubrics with Google documents incredibly easy and fast.

Additionally, Orange Slice makes it very easy to have student peer review each other's work.  Again, if the rubric is already in the assignment, all the students have to do is install the add-on (which takes less than a minute), share their assignment with whoever will be peer reviewing it, and then they can use the add-on to rate the other student on each area of the rubric and provide feedback.  It is fast and easy and can help eliminate some of the organizational time that peer reviewing often requires.

Overall, this is a great tool to use for grading student assignments with rubrics, or for having students peer review.  Check out the videos below for more information on the tool and how to get the add-on yourself!

Orange Slice Youtube Channel
Link to Install Teacher Rubric from Chrome Store
Link to another blog post about the tool with great commentary from the creator

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