Friday, March 11, 2016

Online Activities and More Formative Assessment with Wizer

Last week I had a colleague tell me about a web tool called Wizer that has a lot of potential for providing ways for students to practice skills and complete assignments outside of class, and also providing great data for formative assessment.  While there are a number of formative assessment tools out there, this one goes beyond just classroom formative assessment and can be used to assign homework, reviews, and practice to students outside of class, while providing immediate feedback to students and data for teachers.  The tool is incredibly easy to sign up for and use, and there are a number of options for creating worksheets with more on the way.

While the tool has many standard question types such as open ended questions, multiple choice, and fill in the blanks, it also has some interesting options like filling in answers on an image and matching, as well as options for including text, images, tables, video, links, and embedding from outside sources.  This makes it much easier to create a multiple part question like providing students with a video and then asking questions about it, or giving information in a table and then asking questions about the table.  Additional features that are in the works include collaboration, drawing, and sorting/ordering.

Creating an assessment or worksheet and adding questions is incredible easy, and there are a number of options for changing the theme and look of the worksheet.  Assigning to students is even easier, because the tool has Google Classroom integration, so with just a few clicks you can add it to your Google Classroom page as an announcement or assignment. Students then just click the link, log into their own Google accounts, and complete the worksheet.  You can choose to have the automated questions automatically provide feedback and then grade the other questions later.  Student responses can be immediately viewed when they complete the worksheet and feedback provided.  If you don't use Google Classroom, you can share the assignment with students by sending them a link or using a PIN code that they would enter into the website.

Overall, this tool is incredibly easy to use and can take formative assessment beyond the classroom walls and a class activity.  It can be used in a variety of ways and instead of sending students home with paper worksheets and assignments to complete, they can complete questions online for easier feedback and tracking of student data.  Check out the video below for an overview on how to use the tool and get started!

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